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“Some people are magic.mLisa is one of them. Her deep calm and kindness transformed any of my embarrassment about the clutter into lightness and good humor and within hours she’d transformed my kitchen and pantry. Every drawer and cabinet in the kitchen went from crowded and disorganized to efficient and pleasurable. Even with arthritis in my hands, I can now reach and use everything I need. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” ~ Myotai

“I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The piles of clutter are gone and I can actually enjoy my cozy living room again! My home organizing session with Lisa has given me a fresh perspective about how to maintain a functional living space and I truly feel like a whole new person with a much more optimistic outlook.” ~ Jennifer

“My experience with Lisa was amazing! I’d been feeling hopeless and embarrassed about the clutter in my home, but there was such an incredible improvement after our very first organizing session together. And each session that followed was even better than the last. Working with Lisa gave me the momentum I needed to continue to clear the clutter, and became the catalyst to help improve many other areas of my life as well. Now I walk into the rooms we worked on together and I feel joy!” ~ Pam

“Lisa may walk into your life as a stranger, but when she leaves, both you and your home are better for her coming into your life.” ~ Alynn

“Lisa came to help me declutter a bedroom that previously sat full of stuff for an entire six months because I just didn’t know where to begin. She’s so easy to work with and has a system that works! I found just the right person to help me get started. Lisa is a natural and I highly recommend her.” ~ Kathleen

“Lisa came in like the smiling, peaceful life ninja she is and before I knew it we had purged, reordered and repurposed three of our main closets. The before and afters are absolutely unbelievmaable. And honestly, despite all my worry and postponement, it wasn’t painful, it was energizing!” ~ Sarah

I was feeling nervous, embarrassed, and overwhelmed about the chaos in my home, but Lisa showed up friendly and helpful! She had great ideas and helped me sort out do-able steps towards my goals. Now I have a written list of action steps to keep me on track and I’m feeling empowered, energized, and inspired to continue the project and get it done.” ~ Molly

“Lisa is patient, efficient, and logical, plus she’s very down-to-earth. She’s extremely skilled at what she does and made suggestions on how my kitchen pantry and countertop could be better utilized, and how to sort through my stuff in storage. Lisa went above and beyond, and I highly recommend her to anyone who desires a more peaceful and joyous home.” ~ River

“I was constantly walking around piles of my stuff just to get to the items I needed, and I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious whenever I walked into the closet. Lisa has a gift for organizing and working with her was great! She asked me lots of questions and listened to what was important to me. Her presence was calming, no judgment, and very helpful. We achieved even more during our 3-hour session than I expected. I feel happier and lighter now, and my overwhelm is gone. I highly recommend her.” ~ Heather

“I felt nervous about bringing Lisa into my messy room, but she is extremely empathetic and non-judgmental and made me feel comfortable with her right away. She is obviously very skilled in this profession, has a collaborative style, and I even learned organizing skills that I can apply to other rooms in the future. Having my space less cluttered significantly lowers my stress and helps me be more productive. I recommend Lisa!” ~ Leah

“I was feeling overwhelmed, embarrassed, and discouraged by the cluttered mess in my bedroom and closet, but Lisa was very positive and kind and non-judgmental. She helped me create new organizing systems in a matter of a few hours, and now that this burden has been lifted everything seems possible.” ~ Mary

“Lisa felt like having an old friend here, she really listened and helped ease my mind with her compassionate caring. I learned skills from her expertise within the first hour, and saw a difference within both in my home and me after just three hours. Watching the transformation occurring in real time was awe inspiring, and I highly recommend having an appointment with Lisa. She changes lives, homes, and people for the better.” ~ Nadine

“Lisa is exceptional! She is highly professional, kind, supportive, and exudes zero judgement. She helped me organize my home office and created systems and structures that I can maintain going forward. The additional room-by-room suggestions she made will help further both my mental and physical Zen. I absolutely recommend Lisa. ~ Eric

“Lisa is fantastic! She did far more than I could have expected. My son’s room looked like it exploded when he moved away and we just didn’t have the heart or desire to go through the stuff he left behind. His room is so neat and organized now that he might just want to move back home!” ~ Anne

“First Lisa organized my office, then our conference room. What a productive 3 hours! She has an artist’s eye and made our mish-mash come together beautifully and it will be easy to maintain. We are 100% Happy!” ~ Evelyn

“Lisa is fabulous and skilled at what she does! We recently downsized from a 1600 square foot house to living full-time in a 300 square foot RV with very limited space. I’m a senior citizen, set in my ways, but my ways weren’t working efficiently for this new space. I was really nervous to hire a professional organizer, but when Lisa arrived, I was immediately at ease with her sensitivity and gentle manner of offering suggestions. I feel more relieved, hopeful and determined to get this RV looking and feeling more like a home.” ~ Rose-Marie

“Lisa showed up with enthusiasm, a positive upbeat attitude, and lots of patience. She collaborated with me and calmly guided the organizing process. I already feel so much lighter and am starting to see so much possibility after our very first session together.” ~ Laura

“Lisa was remarkable! She listened and comprehended our frustration with the way our bookshelves were organized, and redesigned the space into a showcase of things we truly enjoy looking at. It feels much more comfortable spending time in this space now. Lisa is delightful and clever and so easy to work with.” ~ Robin

“I feel so relieved and accomplished! Lisa was amazing to work with. Not only is she very hard working and resourceful, but she also helped me navigate an overwhelming and upsetting project. The only thing that would have made my experience better would have been to have even more time with her.” ~ Jessica

“Lisa is amazing! Not only is she as sweet as can be, she’s also got organizing down to a science. I wasn’t quite sure about her methods at first, but heaven knows I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own. She explains her process during sessions, and it all makes sense now! I’m going to use her to help me get my entire place organized, one section at a time.” ~ Beverly

“Lisa was fantastic! I’m in the process of putting my home back together after major renovations and had gotten stuck at a point where I could go no further alone. Lisa helped organize both the process and the tangible items in a way that made this massive process achievable. Thank you!” ~ Caroline

“I felt overwhelmed by the cluttered mess that my house had become, and confused not knowing where or how to start organizing. Lisa showed up, learned about my goals for the space, and we got right to work. She is friendly, caring, thoughtful, and extremely helpful. My bedroom is a joy to be in now that I have easy access to all the things I need.” ~ Becky

“I was embarrassed with the clutter and hesitant to ask for help. But then my sister gifted me a 3-hour organizing session with Lisa and it was a great experience! Lisa was encouraging and helpful, and now I have much more space to relax in, and save a lot of time that used to be spent trying to find the things I need.” ~ Barbara

“I feel lighter and freer! We got so much done in just three hours. Lisa was patient, creative, and thorough. We cleared out of the kids’ playroom and reorganized it in a way that is much more user friendly. They’re happily enjoying all the newly opened up space.” ~ Laurel

“Having an eager teammate was amazing! I’d been feeling stuck and overwhelmed avoiding the mess, but Lisa was non-judgmental as we sorted through my cluttered hallway. She even gave me new ideas for more efficiently using the space. I’m so glad for her help and fresh perspective!” ~ Cortney

“Lisa gave me valuable information and feedback for how to progress with my organizing project, and even took initiative to help with extra tasks. I would highly recommend her services.” ~ Myrna

““I needed help getting unstuck and I am so grateful to Lisa and her organizing services. I can’t believe how much we got done in our very first session! She was focused, efficient, and worked collaboratively with me. Even though I feel like now I’ll be able maintain and make progress on my own, I definitely plan to have Lisa come back to help oversee the decluttering of the rest of my space!” ~ Leanna

“I was feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and embarrassed before my organizing session. But Lisa took the time to talk things through, listing the tasks we would aim to accomplish, and separating everything into easily manageable steps. Working with Lisa felt just like working with a good friend. She offered excellent suggestions as we went and I’m feeling much more relaxed now that my baby has a safer and more spacious area to learn to crawl and play.” ~ Rachel

“Lisa has a calm, kind, demeanor and a willingness to listen and understand. She showed up for my organizing session and it felt like HGTV met my Pinterest to help create a system that actually worked for me. I’d been feeling anxious and overwhelmed before our session, and now I’m experiencing a calm, joyful peacefulness in my newly-transformed living room.” ~ Jillian

“I was initially hesitant to hire a professional organizer because I wasn’t sure what to expect – but Lisa was professional, efficient, and caring from start to finish. We started by walking through the house as I pointed out the areas I wanted to focus on. She offered suggestions for rearranging furniture and shifting items to make the flow of each room more welcoming. In only 3 hours we were able to make my home more organized, inviting, and calm. I would highly recommend hiring Lisa! She has a true gift of making a house feel much more like a home.” ~ Erin

“Lisa is a natural and has been a fantastic assistant guiding my journey toward better home organization! We’ve already created systems that I’ll be able to use to manage my stuff by myself going forward. She’s patient, meticulous and attentive, non-judgmental, compassionate, trustworthy, and a confidant. My entire family appreciates how she’s already positively transformed the energy of our home in such a short amount of time.” ~ Sunny

“I never imagined we’d be able to accomplish so much in just 3 hours! My home office had become a ‘catch-all space’ over the past two years, and now after our first organizing session together, I can actually start using it again. The transformation is remarkable! I appreciate Lisa’s guidance, hard work, and ability to keep me inspired and on track. Thanks again!” ~ Leslie

“As an entrepreneur, wife, and busy mom of two, I was feeling panicked, stressed, and frustrated with not having a dedicated space at home to call my own. Lisa helped me transform a previously cluttered room into a personal home office and reading lounge. She patiently guided and supported me through the overwhelming process of sorting, organizing, and planning and I’m feeling eager and hopeful!” – Samara

“I was downsizing from a house to a 1-bedroom apartment and had to figure out what to keep for the move and what to put into storage. I’m so glad I found Lisa… she’s amazing! I can’t imagine anyone more energetic, efficient, and knowledgeable about planning, sorting, and organizing the right place for everything. She’s a pleasure to work with and I’d recommend her to anyone.” ~ Mike

“I was apprehensive about having a stranger go through my stuff, but Lisa was calm and easygoing. Organizing my closet with Lisa felt like I was getting help from a friend, and I feel much more relaxed and in control now that everything is easy to see and find.” ~ Lissa

“I just moved into a new home and organizing was a real challenge for me so I contacted Lisa. This was my first time hiring a professional home organizer. She was very responsive, pleasant and immediately put me at ease that she was the right person for the job. We started with the kitchen and within a few hours she had setup a completely functional and attractive system with everything within reach. It is a joy to be cooking now and I feel 100% confident that I can maintain this order going forward. I strongly recommend Lisa to help you increase your household efficiency. She loves what she does and she’s very good at it.” ~ James

“My goodness, Lisa is amazing! When my daughter gave me a gift certificate for 3 hours of organizing services for my narrow walk-in closet, Lisa guided the process by asking questions and making suggestions – and was never judgmental in any way!” Lisa was a pleasure to work with!” ~ Kathy

“I recently downsized from a house to a one bedroom apartment and ended up tossing all my assorted miscellany into the closet. It was a mess and I dreaded dealing with it. But the longer I avoided it, the more impossible it became to find my clothes, travel gear, and literally everything else I needed to use regularly. Lisa showed up with enthusiasm and encouragement and displays a sensible and joyful approach to organized efficiency. In just a few hours, she helped me reengineer my most dysfunctional space into my favorite space.” ~ Brendan

“I hired Lisa to help me with the house clutter and found her to be a great match for my needs: non-judgmental, very helpful, patient, totally trustworthy and dependable.” ~ Susan

“I moved to town a few weeks ago but most of my things were still in boxes because I was hesitant to unpack. I just didn’t know where things would go. Lisa came by and made the process easy, fun, and quick! We got my boxes unpacked and my room organized in just a few hours. Now I can find everything easily and feel much more settled into my new space.” ~ Micah

“I started working with Lisa after my Mom’s death and inheriting my Mom’s possessions. I felt so emotionally drained from the loss and so overwhelmed by the influx of stuff, I just didn’t know how to get started. Lisa showed up for our weekly organizing sessions and provided exactly the kind of direction and support I needed. I’m so thankful for Lisa’s visualization and organizing skills! She’s helped me create systems that bring beauty back into every room of my home.” ~ Shawna

“Lisa was a healer for my home! She arrived without judgement, evaluated my studio, and then showed me how to create effective organizing systems. Now I’m more productive when I’m working and creating.” ~ Bobby

“I already see such a big difference in my garage storage after just one organizing session with Lisa and will definitely want her to come back to do more. She really did a great job!” ~ Debbie

“I love the kitchen organization that Lisa did for me! When I moved into my new house, Lisa came and helped unpack my boxes and setup a functional and organized kitchen within just a few short hours. That meant I could settle in sooner and start preparing my own meals at home right away. Thanks Lisa!” ~ Gary

“Very thankful for Lisa’s help rearranging our medical equipment supply storage room. It’s so much easier to see and access everything now! She asked questions and listened in a very non-judgmental and encouraging way, and then responded with a very clear, effective, and efficient plan for organizing our disorganization.  We worked as a team to get the equipment in order and I’m feeling so relieved and revitalized.” ~ Bill

“I just moved into a new house in Asheville and Lisa helped me with what seemed initially an insurmountable task. She helped me transform an empty house into a beautiful and functional home in a very short period of time. I’m now delighted to wake up and spend time in my home. This is sheer happiness!” ~ Jimmy

“Lisa has been so easy to work with these past eight weeks! She’s talented, has great vision, collaborates well, and is always professional. Lisa’s positive energy has converted an overwhelming chore into very manageable solutions and I can’t believe how much we’ve already accomplished in such a short time! Lisa helped me organize the kitchen, pantry, media room, kids play area, long term basement storage, pet supply area, mud room, and our home wood workshop. I’m thrilled with the results.” ~ Margaret

“My kitchen underwent a total remodel and everything was scattered and in chaos. I was feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and confused. Lisa showed up with a reassuring calm demeanor and the confidence that she would help me create systems that worked for me and my lifestyle. Her approach balanced form and function and she setup my kitchen organization in a way that seems intuitive and just makes sense. I feel at more peace now that everything is easy to see and find!” ~ Lisa

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