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Clients often ask me which products are my favorite to recommend for home organizing. I’ve compiled this resource page sharing many of the items that I personally use and love, and which are readily available for purchase on If you have any questions about these, feel free to reach out.

kitchen drawer organizers

Ensure that your daily utensils are easy to see, easy to access, and easy to put back into their places. The first time and every time.

kitchen and pantry containers

These sturdy, attractive, see-through bins are great for easy visibility of stored pantry items including cans, jars, bottles, and boxes. They’re also ideal for under sink storage of soaps, sponges, and cleaning supplies. Each clear bin is created with durable BPA-free food safe plastic.

food storage containers

These clear glass storage containers provide an airtight seal to keep your food fresher, and adds a modern decorative styling to your kitchen countertop or pantry. The 40 oz size canister holds nearly a pound of whole coffee beans, the medium size 54 oz size is perfect for your flours, rice, grains, and dried beans, and the taller 68 oz canister will hold your pastas and spaghettis. High grade borosilicate glass with a natural bamboo lid and silicone seal ensure food safe surfaces.

This 40 oz. canister stores your coffees, loose leaf teas, nuts, and sugars
This 54 oz. canister set is fantastic for flours, rice, grains, and dried beans. Pricing is for a set of two.
These taller 68 oz. containers are ideal for pastas, spaghetti, and noodles. Pricing is for a set of two.
This set of three eco-friendly glass bento boxes with dividers are a stylish way to advance meal prep.
A gorgeous giant glass storage set, each sized to hold 76 ounces. Glassware is safe to use in the oven, microwave, fridge, freezer, and dishwasher, and each container features an eco-friendly bamboo lid that doubles as a cutting board.

conditioning oil for cutting boards, bowls, and spoons

Made with 100% plant-based food grade coconut oil and enhanced with natural essential oils. Cutting board oil is designed to prolong the life of your kitchenware by preventing cracking due to water damage or overdrying.

stainless steel lunch and food storage containers

Beautiful, durable, lightweight, and non-toxic. These classy stainless steel squares help you take your food on-the-go and eliminate the use of potentially toxic tupperware plastics and single use plastic baggies. Available in snack size, sandwich size, and larger, these stainless squares are easy to clean, easy to stack, and work wonderfully for picnics, takeout, travel, outdoor adventures, road trips, and slipping seamlessly into your cooler bag. Comes with clear see-through silicone leakproof lids that are guaranteed or you get a free replacement.

A classic 30 oz stainless sandwich square. Also amazing for storing berries, nuts, cheeses and crackers, sized 5.75″ x 2.5″ x 5.75″ This 50 oz supersized square is a generous 3″ deep and has ample room for salads, fruits, or pastas, sized 6.5″ x 3″ x 6.5″ This combo sandwich and snack bento box includes an optional insert separator perfect for packing school lunches, or wholesome workday nutrition.

single serve stainless french press

Streamlined, compact, and durable. This 12 oz stainless French press starts your day with style as it brews and keeps warm your freshly-ground coffee or loose leaf herbal teas. Smooth surfaces make it easy to clean, and a sleek removable sleeve keeps your hand from getting hot. Comes with a black carry case, and a bonus miniature travel container for taking a couple days worth of tea or coffee with you on trips.

bathroom organizers

Reclaim control of the tiny treasures you store underneath your bathroom vanity by compartmentalizing the items you use on a daily basis. Clear bins help you see, access, and store things more easily – while also creating more visual ease and efficiency at the beginning of your day.

closet organizers

These space-saving hanging closet organizers create an additional four or six vertical cubby shelves in your closet which can be used for shirts, sweaters, socks, or shoes. Each cubby has a reinforced insert, and is available in grey, black, or beige.

under bed storage

This set of durable and attractive storage bins slide easily beneath your bed to store out of season items such as shirts, sweaters, blankets, or shoes. Adjustable dividers attach with velcro to create fitted compartments, while a clear plastic zippered cover keeps your items dust free between uses. Be sure to measure the vertical space beneath your bedframe to ensure proper fit.

storage shelving

Expand your available storage area by opening up more vertical space. These portable, foldable, heavy-duty metal shelving units create instant organizers for your basement or garage, and allow you to add clear bins with lids measuring up to 13″ deep or wide for extra visibility and portability of seasonal or long-term storage items. Shelving units are available with three or four shelves, in a variety of colors, and may be purchased individually or as a two-pack.

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